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17 Jan 2015 - icons 24
iconed some Darkstalkers sprites, because why not. only these four characters though, and with alternate color schemes (well, except Q-Bee obviously).. because why not.

200 icons under the cutCollapse )
20 Aug 2014 - icons 21
figured i'd go ahead and post these even if they're not as many as i'm used to having in one batch. most of them have been sitting around for ages and i'm sick of postponing, so just.. have them.

55 icons
11。adventure time
06。wolf's rain (cheza only)
05。sailor moon (usagi/minako yuri)
12。amon - devilman mokushiroku
maybe kinda nsfw. i hope you like lesbians, nudity, body horror and homo shotas.

drill little holes into my eyelids, that i might see you while i sleepCollapse )
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